commission for a cause

Interested in buying some art for a friend or for yourself? I have a long history of both personal and commercial freelance illustration and have decided to use my skills for a good cause.

All proceeds will go towards the following organizations.

  • Give2Asia is partnering with trusted nonprofit organizations to support frontline health workers and institutions responding to the coronavirus pandemic. It funds both immediate needs and long-term recovery from COVID-19 for the Philippines. (Learn more)

  • National Bail Out is a Black community-lead abolitionist organization seeking to end "pay-to-play" justice by paying bail for low-income individuals. They also provide employment opportunities for those bailed to support their personal growth. (Learn more)

You may choose to donate to one specific cause or donate to both.


Commission payments are upfront and fixed with no hidden fees.* You can choose to either pay to me directly and I will send you the receipt for the donation, or you can donate to the cause and provide a valid receipt (that includes details which link the receipt back to you) via e-mail. What is important is that the commission is pre-arranged - discuss the commission with me to see if I am available before finalising payment.

Prices listed below are per character. Find the commission type you are interested in and include it in your e-mail.

* Price may be upgraded to a higher tier listed below if the subject is too complex. Client will be asked to confirm of this before payment is made.

aporia sketccchh.png

£6.00 / $7.50


Digital pencil sketch with no shading or colors.


£8.00 / $10.00


Digital pencil sketch with flat, unshaded


tsu commission.png

£24.00 / $30.00


Digital illustration featuring clean lines without color or shading.

vahria grin.png

£36.00 / $45.00


Digital illustration featuring clean lines, color, and shading.

harley quinn.png

£36.00 / $45.00


Digital illustration featuring blocks of color in a limited color palette.

MIAVYRE painted portrait with signature.

£72.00 / $90.00


Fully rendered painting in high resolution and full color.



  • You must pay through a PayPal invoice. I do not accept any commission payments through bank transfer or via Ko-Fi, especially unwarranted or without prior discussion.

  • I only begin a commission after I receive full payment. This is to prevent being scammed. I have a long commission history to prove my credibility.

  • Extra revisions will only be done after payment for said revisions.

  • I do not accept price haggling or begging. I can try my best to help you lower the cost of your commission, through removing details & changing commission types, to suit your budget.



  • Commissions for a Cause are for personal use only. This includes personal social media avatar/icon, personal artwork, personal reference collections, gifts, printing for yourself, and posts for personal social media.

  • You cannot use my commissions commercially.

    • Commercial use refers to any business-related purpose, such as advertisement, promotion, logo, mass production, or otherwise selling the artwork.

    • You cannot post any of my commissions on your business or organization website.

  • Commissions posted on social media must include linked credit. In the caption / description of your post, include a link to one of my social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram). 

  • Only minor edits are allowed. This includes slight colorization tweaks, cropping, and adding flavor text. Do not crop out my signature from the artwork.

  • All rights and ownership of the commissioned artwork remain with the artist. You may not take credit or ownership for a commission from me.

  • I have the right to post the commission on my social media or use it in my portfolio. I will inform you if this is the case. Most of the time, I do not post client commissions.



  • I do not do any of the following for commissions:

    • Anthropomorphic characters — leaning more towards majority animal features

    • Animals

    • Celebrity/real life ships — that are not official in real life

    • Gore art — beyond minor injuries / blood

    • Incestual pairings

    • Injections / syringes

    • Mecha

    • Original characters of people you do not know without their permission

If you want any of these elements in your work, please find another commission service.

  • I have the right to refuse commissions for any reason. 

  • Visual references are required. They do not have to be official art, your own drawings, nor commissioned work from other artists. Using other artwork is fine, as long as you are not expecting me to plagiarize someone else’s original content. The best way to ensure this is to include different visuals for different parts/aspects of the character. I will only accept text references when they accompany an adequate amount of visuals (2-3 is a good amount).

  • Avoid unnecessary detail in descriptions. Character backstory or lore that has nothing to do with the requested visual makes things difficult to process.

  • Deadlines cannot be shorter than within 2 weeks. I will reject any commissions that have a deadline earlier than this. I have the right to refuse a deadline that I cannot foot.

  • Do not order through my Tumblr or Instagram. Any orders made to these accounts will likely be ignored.


  • I will refund you 100% of the payment if:

    • I am unable to complete the commission due to in real life complications.

    • I have not begun the commission after 2 weeks of the order, and you request a refund.

  • I will refund you 90% of the payment if:

    • I have not begun the commission before 2 weeks have passed since the order date, and you request a refund.

  • I will not refund you during the commission process. If you choose to cancel the commission after it has already been started, do not expect a refund. If this is at a very early stage in the commission process, I may consider a refund at the maximum of 40%. This is to avoid wasting my time.


  • I send high-res images of each progress stage (sketch, linework, flat color, final piece) and after each revision only. Please do not ask for multiple high-res images with different specifications.

  • You are allowed up to 3 revisions after the final image is sent. All post-final image revisions beyond the 3 revision limit require a revision fee of up to 50% of the original commission price. It is your responsibility to correct any mistakes during the process.

  • Revisions during the process are unlimited. However, I am allowed to refuse revisions during the process if I feel they are too drastic (or a higher, variant fee may apply) or if the revision rights are being abused. 

  • After sending the final files, I am not responsible if you lose your commission.

  • I do not send print versions of commissions. My commissions are exclusively digital.

By ordering a commission from me, you agree to all of the above. Breaking of commission rules will result in repercussions that may include:

  • Cancellation of the commission without refund

  • Banning from future commissions

  • Public warning (if you have knowingly abused my service)

  • Legal action

Please contact me if you have any questions. Thank you for reading.